10 new Android Nougat features you should check out now

Posted in News on 24 August 2016

Google is starting to roll out the latest version of Android. If you have a Nexus device, you can grab the update now.


While many of the biggest improvements — like longer battery life, better security updates and VR-ready features — won't be immediately obvious once you get the update, there are still plenty of new features to get excited about.

From new emoji and data-saving superpowers to more customization features than ever before, here's a look at our 10 favorite features in Android Nougat.


1.) Split-screen multitasking

One of the biggest additions to Android is the ability to use two apps at once in a new split-screen multitasking view. Tap the overview button and drag the app you want to use to the top of the screen, then choose a second app to run beneath it. The windows are resizable too.

2.) New emoji


The Nougat update adds the 72 new emoji Unicode added earlier this summer. The new characters include the selfie, bacon, and avocado emoji, as well as support for skin tone variations. There are also are 14 new "animals and nature" emoji and 12 new "activities" emoji.

3.) Customizable Quick Settings


Quick Settings, the shortcuts that you pull down from the notifications shade, are now customizable. You can drag them around to re-order them or add new ones, like the option to turn on data saver mode or invert your display colors.

4.) Notifications reply


You can now reply directly to notifications without switching apps. Use the feature to reply to emails, texts and notifications from other apps.

5.) Quick Switch


Among the new multitasking features is something called Quick Switch, which allows you to quickly move between your two most-recently used apps. Double tap the overview button to toggle between the two.

6.) Split-screen gesture shortcut 


This may be best suited to power users, as there are a few steps to enable this, but there is a hidden setting that allows you to enable split-screen viewing with just one gesture. First, you'll need to enable a secret settings menu called "System UI Tuner" by holding down on the settings icon in the notifications shade. Wait until you feel a vibration to let go. This activates the System UI Tuner menu in the device's main settings.

From there head to Settings —> System UI Tuner —> Other —> Enable split-screen swipe-up gesture  and turn the setting on. Once enabled, you can switch to split-screen from within any app by swiping up on the overview button. It's important to note, though, that Google is constantly changing what's in the System UI Tuner so any settings you find in there could disappear without warning.


7.) Advanced notification controls 

This is another one you'll only be able to access through the System UI Tuner menu. From there, enable the setting for "Power notification controls." (System UI Tuner —> Other —>Power Notification Controls.) This allows you to prioritize notifications on an app-by-app basis and fine tune what actions notifications can take. For instance, you can mute sounds and vibration for a specific app or block its notifications from appearing on your lock screen. Simply hold down on a notification and adjust the slider to change its settings.

8.) Data Saver


Android Nougat comes with a new Data Saver mode that helps you reduce the amount of data your apps are using in the background. Additionally, you can add the option to your notifications shade so you can easily toggle it on from Quick Settings.

9.) Call blocking 


The way that Android is handling blocked calls is improving. The numbers you block from texting and calling can now be shared with other apps so the same numbers will be blocked across all the services you use.

10.) Picture-in-Picture (for Android TV)


Similar to split-screen mode, Google added picture-in-picture support to Android TV devices so you can browse apps during video playback. Select the picture-in-picture icon while watching a video to pin the video to the top right corner of the screen. You can then browse different apps while watching that video. Press and hold the home button to switch back to the original video or a different recently used app.

Note that Google's Nexus Player is the only set-top box that supports Nougat for now, though it will eventually be available to other Android TV-enabled devices. The feature also requires developers to opt-in, so not all your apps may support picture-in-picture right out of the gate.


Junior Android Developer

Posted in Jobs on 24 August 2016

Hayward Hawk - Dublin

Are you a budding android developer wanting to get involved with one of Ireland coolest mobile software houses? If so read on ....
You Will

  • Be involved in designing and developing our latest android applications.
  • Deliver high quality software and provide support for our QA and design teams.
  • Participate in planning and prioritization of development activities.
  • Communicate with stakeholders and translate their requirements into technical solutions.

Skills & Requirements

  • Minimum of 1 years of experience as an Android Developer building commercial mobile apps
  • An in-depth understanding of Java & Android
  • Experience in building and publishing commercial applications preferable.
  • Ability to work with cross-functional teams.
  • Strong programming skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A team player.
  • Experience in consuming JSON.
  • Excellent scoping and time estimation ability.

You will receive a market leading salary and company phone.

To apply follow the link or to hear more contact Michael Blackwood on 02895902674.

Keywords: android, android developer, apps, developer, programming, json, github.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: €40,000.00 /year

Job Location:

  • South Dublin, County Dublin

Please apply here.

Hang with the gang

Posted in Events on 19 August 2016

We, The TUBERGANG would love to request your presence at our first international hang out!

A few london based 'Tubers, will be hitting Dublin to visit our Dublin based sisters and we want to hang with our Dubliners for a weekend!




SC: uccch


SC: estare


SC: freebornnoble


SC: allysimperial


SC: lydiadinga



We will be hanging out in several locations over the course of the weeknd, but this will be our main stop!

Hang with us, ask us questions, be in our VLOGS, lets take Snaps... the works!

We are really looking forward to meeting all of you and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch via any of our social media accounts listed above.

The Gibson Hotel - Point Village Dublin 1, Dublin - View Map

Camden Exchange and Totally Dublin Craft Beer and Cider Fest 2016

Posted in Events on 19 August 2016

Join us on Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th August as we round off the summer with a celebration of all things craft and brewing!   

We’ve teamed up with our pals at the Camden Exchange for Dublin’s newest craft beer and street food event, The Camden Exchange and Totally Dublin Craft Beer & Cider Fest 2016.

We’ve brewed up a cracking two-night festival with plenty to whet the appetites of the city’s hop lovers, craft beer enthusiasts and artisan cider newbies. 

With a great lineup of guest speakers on both evenings, the festival features Top Irish craft breweries including such established brands as O’Hara’s Brewing Company and Eight Degrees as well as small artisan newcomers Rascals Brewing and Jack Cody’s.

We’re looking forward to learning more about beer, cider and the brewing process, and sampling some amazing Street Food and Tasty Beers courtesy of our pals at the Camden Exchange   

Join us as we discover new flavours, chat with our guest beer experts and dance to some great music over the course of two fun-packed evenings in Dublin city centre!

The Camden Exchange and Totally Dublin Craft Beer & Cider Fest 2016 takes place on Thursday 25th from 5.30pm – 11pm and Saturday 27th August, from 1 - 6pm.

Tickets €15 are available through Eventbrite 

Early Bird tickets also available from €10 through the following link:

Each Ticket includes two beer tasters & a light bite.

I Love The 80's at Lillie's Bordello

Posted in Events on 19 August 2016

DecaDance presents

I Love The 80's Night @ Lillie's Bordello



We are very excited to bring back the 80s magic to the City and one of Dublin’s best club venues right in the hearth of the City. Following the succes of last years event. We have put together another great 80’s night with the original DJ  Wolfman.  The show will included 80’s dancers and guest singers  to help get you into the grove. Expect a fun filled night of the best hits from the  decade and plenty of frills and a full event production pumping out nothing but the best in 80s classics all night long.


Ultravox - Bon Jovi -  Frankie Goes To Hollywood - A-Ha - Guns N Roses - New Order - Dexys Midnight Runners - Bryan Adams - Human League -  U2 - Simple Minds - Duran Duran - Spandau Ballet - Queen - Queen - Depeche Mode -David Bowie - Blondie - Dire Straits - ABC Michael Jackson - Waterboys - Police - Big Country Eurythmics- Europe - Bruce Springsteen - U2 - Whitesnake - Foreigner -Journey - Simple Minds - Cure – Billy Idol - Bronski Beat  - Jimmy Somerville – 


The Wolfman

said “ I’m So Excited I can’t wait to Pump Up The Volume, Spin You Round (like a record), get you Into The Grove, while Dancing in the Dark, with girls who Just want to have fun. 

So Let’s Dance and don't stop believing, cause nothing is going to stop us now and if you still haven't found what you’re looking for let this DJ save your live, all night long.

So here we go again, It’s the final countdown to Dublin’s biggest ever 80’s night.


Friday, 26 August 2016 at 23:00 - Saturday, 27 August 2016 at 03:00 (IST)

For more details


Research says using GIFs can lead to more success on Tinder

Posted in News on 19 August 2016

Dating is hard, online dating is its own hell, and opening lines can make you want to cease human contact altogether. It's awkward to straddle the line between just the right amount of forwardness and tact to total strangers when you're not actually interacting in person. 


But panic no more: new research by Dr. Jess Carbino, a sociologist at Tinder suggests that users are 30 percent more likely to get a response from matches if they open with a GIF.

"Instead of searching for the ultimate opening line, sending a GIF lets you show your personality and sense of humor," Carbino told Mashable via email. GIFs immediately lighten up the tone of a conversation and are a great way to push past the small talk."


Conversations with GIFs also last twice as long as those that don't have them. That maybe explains the 100 million GIFs that have been sent so far since the app introduced support for the file.

Also of importance is the kind of GIF. Rather than just the same GIFs that always come up when you type "Hey" in the GIF search bar, try something topical or culturally relevant. (Currently, the most successful GIF on Tinder features Jimmy Fallon.) And once the conversation gets going, Carbino saw that GIFs related to a common interest do particularly well.


Brexit sets Ireland and UK on divergent jobs paths

Posted in News on 19 August 2016

Following June’s landmark Brexit referendum in the UK, the jobs ship is in choppy waters. At the moment, Ireland is a happier port of call.

This week, two very interesting reports emerged from Morgan McKinley, with jobs in Ireland dominant. On the one hand, a slight reduction in professional job opportunities in Ireland was offset by a stark drop in those looking for new jobs.

On the other hand, London saw opportunities plummet in the financial services sector.

Jobs in Ireland

According to Morgan McKinley, in Ireland, a rise in job opportunities of 2pc between June and July was overshadowed by an 8pc drop on this time last year.

However, the report also found that 19pc fewer professionals were seeking a new role this July, while the usual suspects of pharma, medtech and IT continue to lead the way in terms of growth.

Financial services, in general, is doing well, thanks to a resurgence in funds and compliance opportunities, while Brexit has made SMEs rethink their accounting and finance strategies.

Meanwhile, London saw a stark 27pc drop in opportunities, far outweighing the fall in those seeking employment.

Not aggressive?

Despite these significant figures, the results are “not as aggressive” as Morgan McKinley expected following Brexit, according to Hakan Enver, operations director at the company’s financial services division in the city.

Last week, a report from Markit and the Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) found a “dramatic freefall” in the number of people hired into full-time positions across the whole UK.

Posting its weakest figures since May 2009, REC claimed a growing number of “highly-cautious” companies is a worrying sign.

It all makes for potentially beneficial news in Ireland, though upskilling is key.

This is notable in biopharma, too. At the start of the week, the Government warned that, without training and educating the Irish workforce, a potential 8,400 new jobs by 2020 are under threat.

“The availability of people with the right skills and talent to work in biopharma will be critical to the continued growth of the industry as these investments come on stream,” said Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell O’Connor, TD.

The report by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) suggests a mixture of graduate intake, upskilling of those already out of the education system and continual internal development within companies.


Consultation Days - Evening Diploma courses

Posted in News on 16 August 2016

Here, at Fitzwilliam Institute Group, we take training standards very seriously. That’s why our experienced course experts have developed dynamic, interactive, case-study based, practical evening diploma courses, to hone Industry’s Best Practice and Skills.

We want you to hit the ground running. That’s why we selected our trainers carefully - they are all world's top professionals. They work with winning teams all over the world. They bring you practical insights – using Real Life Briefs - rather than theory from a book. They connect you with the best and the brightest in your industry to help you become an industry specialist. It’s no wonder that 96% of our students enter full-time employment or get promoted upon completion of our Industry Certified and Internationally Recognised part-time diploma courses in Dublin City Centre.

Diploma in Event Management - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 5th October 2016

Diploma in Public Relations - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 10th October 2016

Diploma in Digital Marketing - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 27th September 2016

Diploma in Java Programming - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 29th September 2016

Diploma in Oracle PL/SQL Programming - Evening Course - Dublin City Centre – 12th September 2016

We want to help make your course choice as easy as possible. That’s why between Wednesday, 17th August 2016 and Friday, 2nd September 2016 we offer free telephone consultations for all this courses – a chance for you to get career guidance and get answers to any questions you may have about any of these industry leading courses.

If you would like to be scheduled in for a 10-15 minute free telephone consultation, please call us on 01 283 4579 or email with your name, contact details, and most suitable dates/times.

One of our trained experts will go over your background, help you create a set of action steps and answer any questions about our renowned evening diploma courses.

So don't hesitate to get in touch!

Pokemon GO and Picnic

Posted in Events on 05 August 2016


Time: Times Vary
Location: Stephen's Green
Category: Sports

Sport and Outdoors
Pokemon GO and Picnic
Saturday 13 August 2016
Venue: Stephen's Green
It’s the hottest new game on everyone’s lips - and smartphones. Grab your friends, your phone and your battery packs and join the fun at Stephen’s Green for Pokémon GO and Picnic.

Geek Ireland are hosting this free, fun, friendly meetup, the first of its kind in Ireland. Whether you’re new to the game or are already a seasoned Pokémon trainer after just a few weeks of play, you’ll love this opportunity hang out with other lovers of the game in the beauty of Stephen’s Green Park, which just so happens to have a huge number of Pokéstops and lots of gyms nearby.

While you may be too distracted by all the Pokémon you can catch, be sure to take some time to relax in the grass, eat a picnic lunch, and compare scores. It’ll be a great day out for gamers and noobs alike.

Admission Free

For more details

Outdoor Yoga Project 2016

Posted in Events on 05 August 2016



Time: Times Vary
Location: Phoenix Park
Category: Sports

Sport and Outdoors
Outdoor Yoga Project 2016
14 May - 31 August 2016
Venue: Phoenix Park
Throughout the summer, a fun outdoor yoga session will take place in the beautiful Phoenix Park every Saturday morning.

Place your mat beside the bandstand, right next to tea house by the entrance to Dublin Zoo and listen to the passionate and experienced teachers of YogaHub as they teach you to about the many different skills and styles that come with yoga.

With regular practice, you’ll have a strong, toned body in no time as well as a relaxed and focused mind. This Saturday, clear your morning and give yourself the fresh air and relaxation therapy that you deserve.


For more details

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